We like to introduce our second gathering which will be held in our forest - Schwarzwald Area. We were forced to cancel the event for MMXX & MMXXI.

New date pending...

The origin of endless void
The wisdom of the paradox
The Path...
..the triumph of the night.

Can you smell the dust of the secret war?

To jednak szatan nas wykorzystał.

We found some great acts which are interested to join this secret war as well.
You can rate the following perversions as confirmed:

Abgrund (Germany)
Grabunhold (Germany)
Hagzissa (Austria)
Illum Adora (Germay)
Nekrovault (Germany)
Obrok (Bulgaria)
Temple Ov Perversion (Switzerland)
Thronehammer (England/Germany)

More perversions will be confimed later...

Feel free to invite your friends, don't be a fool, act like a wise aristocrat. We don't need masses of fools here.

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